2 New Pics From Spawn Toon

You can get a glimpse at the new Spawn animated DVD right here, plus details on the all-star voice cast.
McFarlane Companies released two new images from Spawn: The Animation.

There's no release yet for the DVD and talks are ongoing for a TV broadcast which might serve as the pilot for another Spawn cartoon series.

The voice cast of the film includes:
  • Keith David as Spawn, the tortured soul on an eternal battle with evil, caught between heaven and hell.
  • Carl Weathers as Captain Edwards, a long time police captain who tries going by the book despite rampant crime.
  • Mark Hamill as Twitch, a seasoned overly analytical detective tormented by the evil lurking in NYC¹s alleys.
  • Michael Jai White as Barabbas, right-hand man to Russian gang boss Lukas. As the enforcer of the gang, he oversees all protection and disciplinary action within the gang.
  • Bruce Boxleitner as Ainge, a dirty cop with only one thing on his mind: money. Someone only truly interested in himself over and above everyone else.
  • Cree Summer as Marie, a pretty young Cajun girl hidden beneath the surface of a tormented drug addict with frightening other worldly visions.
  • Peter Jessop as Lukas, the vicious leader of a brutally violent street gang looking to control more than just the streets and back alleys of Hell's Kitchen.
  • Jon Polito as Sam Burke, the dangerously passionate detective eager to stop the evil in NYC.
  • Clancy Brown as Mammon, a mysterious dark figure plotting against Spawn for reasons yet unknown, a man with a ferocious appetite for power.
  • Jesse Corti as Pedro, rival gang leader and number one nemesis of Lukas.
  • Phil LaMarr as Perry, a strung out, immature, trouble maker in way over his head.

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