Happy Justice League New Year

New episodes of Justice League Unlimited return to Cartoon Network with a vengeance on the first day of 2006.
Reports indicate the next four new episodes of Justice League Unlimited will air all on the same day: Sunday, Jan. 1.

If true, this will mark an early end to Season Five of the series.

The four episodes are:
  • "Flash and Substance"
    Guest star: Michael Rosenbaum (Flash/Wally West (Seasons 1-2, 4+)), Walter Lang (Captain Cold), Ron Perlman (Orion) , Donal Gibson (Captain Boomerang), Mark Hamill (The Trickster), Kim Mai Guest (Linda Park), Alexis Denisof (Mirror Master)
    The Flash must handle an onslaught of super-villains during the opening of a museum in his honor.
  • "Dead Reckoning"
    Guest star: Raphael Sbarge (Deadman)
    The League comes to the aid of Boston Brand, the ghost of a deceased circus acrobat, who needs their help in recovering the souls of members of a monastic order.
  • "Patriot Act"
    Writer: Matt Wayne
    Guest star: Kin Shriner (Green Arrow), Michael Beach (Mr. Terrific)
    Green Arrow must lead a team of non-powered superheroes against a berserk super-soldier attacking Metropolis.
  • "The Great Brain Robbery"
    Guest star: Michael Rosenbaum (Flash/Wally West (Seasons 1-2, 4+))
    A mystic artifact causes Lex Luthor and the Flash to switch bodies.

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