Simpsons Christmas Episode Details

In keeping with its Halloween tradition, the Simpsons' yuletide episode will be a trilogy of stories.
Fox released details of the Dec. 18 episode of The Simpsons:

Here's how Fox describes the episode:
"In 'The First (Annoyed Grunt) El,' when Reverend Lovejoy's car breaks down en route to Christmas mass, Homer takes over the sermon and delivers his version of the birth of Christ (Bart) to his parents Joseph (Homer) and Mary (Marge).

"'I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus' finds Grampa reminiscing about his daredevil days as a WWII fighter pilot, when he was stranded on an island alongside his gunner, Burns. Grampa recalls mistaking Santa Claus for an enemy aircraft and gunning him down from the sky. Realizing their mistake, Grampa helps Jolly Ol' St. Nick to safety, only to have Burns steal the sleigh and escape the island -- leaving Grampa stranded again.

"The final installment, 'The Nutcracker ... Sweet,' which finds the townspeople of Springfield preparing for Christmas Day, is set to the tune of the famed Nutcracker ballet."

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