'Horton hears a Who', here comes Dr. Suess

New Suess Animated movie to come to big screen
Fox has bought the rights to 'Horton hears a who' and has the oppourtunity to buy the rights to 'Horton hatches an egg' if they so choose. They have already hired Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino to direct the new computer animated movie, that Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul have already adapted for the big screen.

They are in steps of storyboarding now, they are planning for a spring 2008 release. Blue Sky, makers of Ice Age, Ice Age 2, and Robots will be producing the picture. Audrey Geisel, widow of the late great Theodor 'Dr. Suess' Geisel, will be acting as executive producer.

Please stay tuned for further information.
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