Teen Titans DVD is Go!

Get the skinny on the Complete First Season DVD coming soon.
The Complete First Season of The Teen Titans arrives on DVD shelves Feb. 7. The 2-disc set includes: "Divide and Conquer," "Sisters," "Final Exam," "Forces of Nature," "The Sum of His Parts," "Nevermore," "Switched," "Deep Six," "Masks," "Car Trouble," "Apprentice, Pt. 1" and "Apprentice, Pt. 2."

There's also voice actor interviews with the cast, a talk with producer David Slack and one with voice director Andrea Romano. The producer talks about how the voices of the characters influence the writing on the shows.

In the "Comic Creations" feature Marv Wolfman and George Perez, creators of the comic book that the show is based on, are in the spotlight. There is also the Teen Titans music video from Puffy Ami Yumi, who in another segment are interviewed by Robin.

Easter Eggs include "What Is Your Favorite Beast Boy Transformations?," "Who is The Coolest Villain?," "What is The Coolest Teen Titans Gadget?," "Jokesters," "Mad Mod World Music Video" and "Teen Titans Thank You."

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