Ultimate Avengers Cover Art

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has provided Toonado.com with a first look at the DVD cover art for Marvel's first-ever animated movie, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, coming to stores on February 21.
Based on the best-selling Marvel Comics series, "The Ultimates" – and with superb animation that stays true to those comic book roots – the feature will cast some of Marvel's most popular superheroes including Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor, as they must learn to work together to save the world. Ultimate Avengers: The Movie will be available on DVD and Universal Media Disc (UMD), compatible with the Portable Sony Playstation ® (PSP).

In 1945, Humanity was on the brink of annihilation as sinister forces pushed to seize control of the free world, and only one man rose up to stop them. When a nuclear missile was fired at the Capitol, Captain America managed to detonate it in the upper atmosphere, but in the process he sacrificed himself, falling miles into the icy depths of the North Atlantic, where he remained lost for over sixty years. Now, with the world facing the very same evil, Captain America must rise once again as the last hope for survival, and lead a strong-willed team of today's superheroes:

Iron Man, the billionaire bachelor used to doing things his own way

The Hulk, the destructive force Bruce Banner hopes to turn into a useful team member

Thor, a hero who has responsibilities to both the world of man and the world of gods

Wasp, a petite powerhouse who sees the team as a fresh start for her and her husband

Giant Man, sixty feet tall with an equally large chip on his shoulder

Captain America, a star-spangled idealist resurrected from a 60 year deep-freeze because this team needs a super-soldier to lead them

Individually, they are superheroes. United, they are The Avengers. Ultimate Avengers: The Movie is the extraordinary story of six very independent heroes who must – like it or not – fight as one to save the world. Little did they know that their biggest threat would emerge from within their very own ranks – The Incredible Hulk!

The film will be available in Widescreen format and is approximately 72 minutes long. The special features include: An "Avengers Assemble" Featurette, The Ultimate Voice Talent Search, What Avenger Are You? DVD-ROM game, a First Look at Ultimate Avengers II, Avengers Trivia Track, animated interactive menus, and trailer gallery.
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