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The Brits saw a new JLU episode already and here's the skinny.
Warning: Spoilers

While U.S.-based Justice League Unlimited fans are suffering through a long drought of new episodes, the Brits have already had an airing of "Flash and Substance," the first new episode in months.

Here's how it was described to Ain't It Cool News:

A new Justice League is finally back with it's most respectful look at DC history yet, told in a totally silly way.

What's it called?
"Flash and Substance."

What number is it?
Well, if you think JLU is starts as season 3 of Justice League, then this is 5.5. Otherwise it's 3.5. Either way, it's been WAAAY too long since we've seen a new JLU.

How long? Try Sept 24.

What's it about?
The Flash must handle an onslaught of super-villains during the opening of a museum in his honor.

This sounds familiar....
It should. During the silver age, Central City did the same thing for Barry Allen.
Barry Allen?! Is he in this?
ALMOST. There is a psuedo cameo, if you look for it. And want it to be bad enough. He's never really identified as such.. but I think we all know.

So who's on hand for the opening?
Well for the heroes, the two most unlikely: Batman and Orion. Orion feels like the writers pulled his name out of a hat. "Um, we need a third..." The villians make up the four worst (or best) from Flash's rogues gallery: Captain Boomerang (fresh from his escape from Task Force X) Captain Cold, Mirror Master and the Trickster.

The villians are there to put aside differences and congradulate the Flash for being a worth opponent, right?
Yeah right. It starts as the usual "Let's see who can take him down" contest but, in a welcome moment, they trash that plan. "Ah, the heck with this one-at-a-time stuff. Let's just all get him at once."

Any surprises?
Yes. Mark Hamill reprises his role as the Trickster.

Remember the live-action Flash from 1990? His crazieness in that role probably got him noticed for the Joker audition two years later for Batman:TAS. We've come full circle. The bad part is that the Trickster is wasted in this episode.

What's good?
The Flash's relationship with Central City. Batman's secret respect. The stuff in the museum (including his and Superman's Race around the world). Captain Boomerang's cheapness. The Trickster, when given a chance. "You're wearing the outfit again." "Am I?" The method to taking down Mirror Master. "It's not black tie, is it?" Batman, as usual.

What's not so good?
Orion just doesn't belong in this episode. It's weird. There's no movement on the League of Villians Co-op storyline. Flash's complete obliviousness to the hot reporter (whom I beleive he's married to in the comics) who's coming on to him. Given the girl-crazy history of the character in the show up til now, it didn't make sense. Batman should be able to do better against Captain Cold, given his history with Mr. Freeze. Mark Hamill was wasted as Trickster. Good casting, not enough to do.

Rating: *** 1/2 out of Five.

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