DVD REVIEW: Thundercats - Season Two, Vol. 1

Season two of the Thundercats brings new challenges for our feline friends. Instead of the Mumm-ra's Mutants, the cats are up against the awesome powers of extraterrestrial "Luna-Tacs"! Even with three new Thundarians, can the cats conquer?
Bottom-line, Season 2, part 1 of Thundercats on DVD is riddled with the same sound and video problems in the first couple of sets and the plot-lines get a little ridiculous, but the bonus features are good and cat-cartoon lovers everywhere will overlook those minor flaws for another batch of 1980's animated goodness.

The introduction of new Thundercats as well as new villains was needed after watching the mutants battle the Thundercats fifty times in the first couple of sets. Although this group of toons is almost like another show with very little of the banished mutant characters seen at all. The mutants pretty much disappear. Although, Mumm-ra calls on them occasionally to do his bidding and Vultureman trys numerous times to join the Luna-Tacs.

Even though three new Thundarians get introduced: Lynx-O, Ben-Gali and Pumyra, it seems the extra kitty's only cause friction. Get used to Thundercat vs. Thundercat action.

Plenty of magical artifacts are in order. The Book of Omens, the keystone, the thundercats necklace, the gorgon mask, etc. They also enter the cave of time often enough.

As for some of the ridiculousness mentioned above... Expect Mumm-ra to switch bodies or take on the form of someone else and fool the Thundercats every time. He does this at least once every couple of episodes. Also, remember how hard it was to repair Lion-O's sword in season 1? Well, Ben-Gali can easily repair it with his nifty hammer. Mumm-ra has a time machine and uses it very foolishly, and Lion-O's sword seems to be able to solve every problem--unless this all powerful weapon gets easily broken. Finally, if you want to see a good silly one, check out the one where Snarfer goes to get Mexican food.

Lastly, the bonus features on these DVD's are not as good as part 2 of season 1, but certainly better than part 1. WB did a music theme to these special features with the Rembrandts playing the Thundercats theme song. I have no idea why this was done, but it was interesting to say the least. They also did a little making of documentary on it and had an interview with the composer of the original Thundercats theme music that was very informative.

Overall, this set is worth buying, but be prepared for the same quality as the first discs with episodes that are not quite as good. The new characters add some depth, but the episode plots get recycled a few too many times. Still, it is a cool show that deserves to be watched. If you only watch one episode, make sure to see "Hair of the Dog". You will get to see Snarf-ra, the ever-living.

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