Space Sentinels, Freedom Force DVD Debuts

Two late-70s superhero toons are coming to video shelves soon.
A DVD box set called Space Sentinels & The Freedom Force: The Complete Series will soon be released by BCI Eclipse and Entertainment Rights.

The Space Sentinels is the story of three young heroes--Hercules, Mercury, and Astrea--who were transported to a far away world to stop the forces of evil. The cartoon premiered on NBC in 1977 and aired for 13 episodes. It features the voice of George DiCenzo (She-Ra & Blackstar) as Hercules.

The Freedom Force features five legendary heroes: Hercules (from Space Sentinels), Merlin, Sinbad, Super Samurai, and Isis. Together they protect the world from every dangerous threat known to man. The cartoon aired on CBS in 1978 as part of Tarzan and the Super 7 and features the voices of Diane Pershing (Flash Gordon and Batman: TAS) as Isis and Michael Bell (G.I. Joe, The Smurfs, and Rugrats) as Merlin, Sinbad, and Super Samurai.

All five episodes of Freedom Force will be combined with all 13 episodes of Space Sentinels into a two-disc DVD box set loaded with extras, including a documentary that traces the history of Filmation productions. The box set will be released on August 22, according to
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