More DC Universe Toons Coming

Potentially good news for fans of Justice League animation.
A direct to DVD adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier comic may be in the works, according to Silver Bullet Comics' All The Rage.

Stan Berkowitz told the World's Finest Web site: "At the moment, I'm writing a direct-to-video animated adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier epic. It will be feature length, rated PG-13 and Bruce [Timm] will be Executive Producer. So far, it's been nothing but fun... a chance for me to revisit my youth and the Starro era."

The article was taken down because Warner Bros. is reportedly still deciding whether to do the feature in Cooke's style or Timm's, familiar to fans of the Batman/Superman/Justice League toons (not too much difference, in this writer's opinion).

Timm is reportedly executive producing the New Frontier but is also working on two additional direct to DVD animated features: a Justice League film to bridge the gap between the Justice League toon and Justice League Unlimited; and another Superman animated feature (reportedly to wash the bad taste out of everyone's mouth left after Brainiac Attacks which Timm was not greatly involved in. Watch this space for our review of that film.)

All The Rage also says that Warner Bros. may be doing as many as 3 or 4 direct-to-DVD animated films over the next couple of years especially if Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo does well this fall. There's one planned for around The Batman (from the most recent series) and the Justice League animated feature may be released as soon as 2007.

Meanwhile, the first season of Justice League Unlimited and the second season of Batman Beyond are rumored to be coming out this December, the site says.
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