Batgirl Jealous of Robin in Batman Toon

This season's arrival of Robin has Batgirl on edge.
Batgirl is jealous of Robin in the new season of The Batman on Kids' WB, according to Danielle Judovits, the voice actress for the Girl Wonder.

"Oh, she's definitely jealous," Judovits told Comics Continuum.

"They're like brother and sister," said Rino Romano, who provides the voice of Batman.

Robin has been kept out of the series previous to this season because of his ongoing role in the animated Teen Titans series, according to producer Micheal Goguen.

Robin's voice actor Evan Sabara said he's been acting since he was 7 weeks old. "This is my first major voiceover role," he said," which is really exciting because Robin's been my favorite character since I was about 2.

Meanwhile, Superman Returns star Brandon Routh will voice the character of The Everywhere Man.

Also, supervising producer Al Burnett says the Scarecrow and Two-Face are off-limits for the cartoon because of the Batman film franchise.

And finally, look for the Martian Manhunter to return to the animated DC universe in the series.
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