Doctor Strange Toon Preview News

Check out Ultimate Avengers 2 for a sneak peek at the animated Master of the Mystic Arts.
Along with a preview of the upcoming Iron Man animated movie, the Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD will sneak peek the Doctor Strange film.

Doctor Strange will the fourth direct-to-DVD animated movie from Lionsgate and Marvel Studios and will be previewed on the Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD which goes on sale Aug. 8.

Look for designs, animation clips, comments from writer Greg Johnson, producer/supervising director Frank Paur and others on the 2-minute, 42-second preview.

The Doctor Strange movie will be an origin story. "It's about the journey," Johnson told Comics Continuum. "He had to actually go from the pit of despair up a mountain to the feet of the Ancient One in order to really find out what his destiny was. It's that journey that changes the man."

Look for the full film in the first three months of 2007.
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