REVIEW: The Batman Complete Second Season

DVD set released September 26th
The Batman, The Complete Second Season was released Sept. 26th and is comprised of 13 episodes on 2 DVDs spanning 2004 to present.

If the fresh new brand of classic characters by a new team of writers and animators doesn't grab your attention, the celebrity voices should. Catwoman is always a hotty, but now more than before as Gina Gershon does the voice of the purring kitty princess. Ron Perlman of Desperation and Hellboy provides the deep sinister voice of Killer Croc and let's not forget my personal favorite, Robert Englund (aka Freddy K) as the Riddler. All 13 episodes feature Dolby Surround sound, though the picture quality is very much equal to the way you first saw the episode when it was aired on TV.

The Batman is a bit different from other Batman toons in that the stories do not cast a dark shadow. This series doesn't contain the brooding element of Batman: The Animated Series. These 2nd Season episodes of The Batman are more full of the corny dialogue that pre-teens will probably enjoy more than anyone (Tom "Spongebob" Kenny does the voice of the Penguin). All the villains are here, though, including the grimly fiendish Joker. He almost looks feverishly addicted to Brand X and you'll sooner see this Joker running around like a deranged homicidal maniac than sitting back shuffling his lucky deck of cards. A very dramatic Clayface story is in this collection as well as a bigger, badder Man-bat.

I like the packaging of The Complete Second Season because it's simple and not easily destroyed by young ones infamous for doing so but, given the audience that The Batman is aimed at its content could have gone further. An interactive Special Features section full of animation cells and facts about the Dark Knight or even villains would not have hurt. Instead, a bleak SF section called Catching Up With The Batman wraps up previous adventures as well as the 2nd Season in a short clip. Not cool.

While everyone can agree that The Batman is aimed at a very young audience, you have to admit that there is something for everyone here. This is a good collection and is still very true to the fans of the Dark Knight.

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