REVIEW: Teen Titans The Complete Second Season

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven return on 2-disc set
You never really see the alter-ego of a Teen Titan, do you? They always seem to be in uniform and the only time I ever caught Robin asleep he was wearing his cape and suit!

If you liked the 1st season of TT, pick up this set! These slappy discs of Season 2 follow the "Judas Contract" story from the DC comic series New Teen Titans. By far the best episodes are those with Terra. She's a teen cutie pie who has the super-powers of controlling the earth, with a bad habit of starting natural disasters because she can never exert full control over her powers (she loses it in front of Beast Boy). In most of Terra's episodes Ron Perlman does the voice of the nemesis Slade! Also, during these episodes Beasty falls in love (awwwwwwwww).

Better episodes than the 1st season! In Transformation Starfire transforms into a creature even fuglier than Keith Richards' feet and in Fractured deranged Larry screws up the whole world for the Teen Titans with his demented twist on reality!

The Teen Titans always have a new butt to kick but at the same time the story is continuous. This 13-show DVD set of everyone's favorite collaboration of sidekicks actually has some really good episodes for the true TT fan. The first half of this season is available on the Fear Itself DVD, but do yourself a favor and get the complete 2nd season. Season 2 has average picture quality for DVD and Dolby Digital Surround 2.0, but this one gets an A for content. Booyah!
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