Batman Beyond Season Two Has Come To DVD!

26 episodes of the young Dark Knight in the best toon collection released this year!
At last the 2nd season has finally come for us to own! There are so many good things to say about Batman Beyond, Season Two! This DC Comics set comes on 4 discs for a total of 26 episodes, each their own story (no multi-episode segments)! If you are a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: TAS or the Justice League toons then you know that owning this collection is a matter of life or death! Oh, and fans of The Zeta Project will be happy to find the cybernetic origin in this set!

A lot of good episodes amongst so many… …where do I start? We have some episodes with the mischievous band of psychos the Jokers, the more memorable being Joyride, where they get a hold of a government battle vehicle and thrash the city, including the base of their rivals The T’s! Spellbinder exerts a long arm of control in Hooked Up, and a rare team-up with the Stalker is featured in Plague! April Moon is definitely one of the better stories written in cartoons today of perilous chivalry… …and with a vicious twist! Splicers features some villains with true potential: genetically-altered half-beast madmen (excellent art in this one)!

The cryptic voice of Ice-T makes an appearance as Raymond in Splicers! Punk rocker Henry Rollins also makes an appearance as the maniacal voice of Mad Stan in Eyewitness: “The whole political system is corrupt! …Finally, an end to the bureaucratic nightmare! No more crap, no more pay-off, no more jury duty!”

Season 2 Trivia:
-Max gets a 2400-point GAT score, and later misspells the word ‘fountain’ in the same episode (Hidden Agenda).
-The toy that Patrick the pack-rat shows to Dana in the sewer is actually Clayface from Batman: The Animated Series (Rats)
-Mad Stan blames "information overload" for the downfall of society ...his voice is actually Henry Rollins, who also blames information overload for the disease NAS in Johnny Mnemonic (Rats).

I was skeptical when I first found out about a new Batman in a future-set series on the WB, which ultimately ran 3 seasons totaling 52 episodes with a direct-to-video movie. Many DC fans were skeptical, but Batman Beyond is one of the better well-written and action-packed cartoons out there and the dark wisdom of Bruce Wayne’s tutilage adds a touch that is very often reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series. BB combines good art, great stories and fresh, new, original characters that 17-year-old Terry McGinnis constantly learns and grows from with each fight. The second season features some villains that we remember from the first season and builds on them and also paves the way for The Zeta Project!

Go and get this set TODAY! The set features 1.33:1 full frame view, killer packaging and an excellent soundtrack. No DC collection is complete without season 2 of Batman Beyond. Disc 4 also features Inside Batman Beyond: The Panel, with the creators of BB.

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