Craig Kyle Talks The Invincible Iron Man

The Marvel Animation VP discusses plotlines, origins, and possible sequel(s) of the upcoming DVD release.
Crave Online talked to Marvel Animation VP, Craig Kyle about the Invincible Iron Man animated film. The film is an extension of the Ultimate Avengers animated series. Marvel Animation is also planning a Dr. Strange animated film and has recently launched an all new Fantastic Four series on Cartoon Network.

Kyle discussed the setting and updating of Iron Man’s origin: "There are some things that you can’t directly translate so you look for the key elements. It’s a man who is in a foreign land that gets wounded intentionally by other parties and is forced to save his own life and in that process [he] creates a suite of armor and becomes Iron Man. Updating the land and peoples involved in that attack, are really what we changed. It really celebrates the latter half of Iron Man’s life, the villains he faced, the world that is in his future, without hurting the classic origin".

He also spoke about a plotline: On the "Demon in a bottle" storyline Kyle said "sometimes people bring up the alcoholism aspect and we all know it’s a huge part of Tony’s life but it has not place in our origin film because that’s not where he started."

Regarding a sequel to the animated feature, he said "if they get behind it I’m all about continuing the saga and we will get there when we need to get there."

The Invincible Iron Man hits stores on January 23rd, 2007.
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