Dreamworks Brings 3D to Animated Films

Dreamworks Animation has plans to release all of their animated films in 3D beginning in 2009.
A new digital 3-D exhibition process, enabled largely by the technology company Real D, has been gaining significant interest in Hollywood recently, the trade paper reported.

Fox will release the James Cameron-helmed Avatar in 3-D in 2009, and Disney will put Meet the Robinsons on about 600 digital 3-D screens this month.

The DWA summer 2009 release Monsters vs. Aliens starts production this spring and will be made with 3-D in mind from the outset. The studio will produce two versions, with a standard version for nondigital screens, DVD and TV. By waiting until 2009, the studio will also benefit from a significantly higher availability of 3-D-enabled digital screens.
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