MORE Animated Spider-Man News

With all the buzz around Spider-Man 3, the company continues to reveal bits of info on Peter Parker's return to the small screen.
The Spider-Man franchise has earned over a billion dollars on the silver screen, easily placing it among the highest grossing film franchises of all time. In early May, everyone’s favourite web-head will make his return in what could very well be the most successful film of the year. This is no small feat, considering that experts have predicted 2007 to be the highest grossing year in movie history. With all its big-screen successes, it becomes easy to forget how successful the franchise has been on the small-screen. “The Amazing Spider-Man,” with a tentative air date of early 2008, hopes to be as successful on television as his motion picture counterpart.

Earlier this month, interviewed supervising producer Greg Weisman who dropped several hints about the show’s style and story arc:
“When we first meet Peter in our series he'll have been Spider-Man for four months, mostly over summer vacation. Uncle Ben's death is still a painful thing for him, but not a fresh wound. We're going to literally open the series on the night before his first day of high school, and we're going to meet all the classic supporting cast, introduce the villains for the first time. Spider-Man is going to get taken to school in every way you can think of, which is the theme for our series: the education of Peter Parker.”

Weisman also mentioned that all the major characters of the franchise, including all his love interests will play some role in the first season: “We're going to crush the timeline a lit bit but preserve the major elements of it. You'll be seeing Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and lots of others.”

In the interview, it was revealed that Spider-Man will have organic web-shooters, as opposed to mechanical, and that we will probably see cameo appearances by many other characters of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel has licensed several other projects which are currently in development. Among them are shows such as: a “Wolverine and the X-Men” animated series, as well as an Iron Man series and a second season of the Fantastic Four.

The company also has Lionsgate films working on a Dr. Strange direct-to-video movie which releases this August, and a “Teen Avengers” movie in pre-production.

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