Avatar: the last airbender MOVIE!

one of the most unusual directors in hollywood has signed on to bring Aang, Appa, Momo and the gang to the big screen
The highly popular and critically acclaimed series produced by Nickelodeon, is being adapted into a live-action feature film. No casting information has been set thus far, save for the hiring of director M. Night Shyamalan, who is known for his unusual style of filmmaking, and bizarre plot twists. Shyamalan’s earlier films garnered praise from critics and success at the box office, but he lost his momentum in recent years with the village and Lady in the Water. In making Avatar: the last airbender, this will be the first time Shyamalan will direct a movie with characters he did not create himself.

The feature film adaptation comes amid rumors of the third season to be aired in late April.
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