Animated 'STAR WARS' in Theatres?

According to some sources, Hasbro plans to see the pilot for the animated "Clone Wars" television show hit cinemas first.
The Hasbro Fall 2007 Analyst Event last week apparently included an announcement that the upcoming Star Wars animated TV series "The Clone Wars" would make its debut on the big screen.

According to Movieweb, Hasbro COO Brian Goldner spoke about the company's continued partnership with Lucasfilm, and mentioned that "Star Wars will be back in theatres August 8th, 2008. Then the series will appear on TV throughout the fall."

However, when PHILIP at the Star Wars fansite contacted Lucasfilm for verification, a representative said that a "Clone Wars" theatrical release is "one of the many things being discussed but we have no decisions yet. For us it's all about finding a creative way to launch a creative TV series."

RAFE TELSCH at Cinema Blend would like to support a continuation of the Star Wars saga, but is afraid that the "Clone Wars" series would be "a revamp of the ‘80s animated series 'Droids'. After all, while [George] Lucas hasn’t told us who the show will be about, he has joked that it’s about, 'the life of robots.'"

[Philip at thanks COMMANDER VOLTAIRE and his friend for the link and news.]
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