Warner Animation has released the details of the upcoming DVD release of Justice League: The New Frontier, plus there are new high-quality images for you to view.
Details for the DVD release of the animated film Justice League: The New Frontier have been made available by Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation. Comics Continuum has posted these details, along with seven new still images from the feature.

Based on Darwyn Cooke's comic-book series 'DC: The New Frontier', WBA's second direct-to-DVD animated movie explores the origins of the Justice League, as founded by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and The Flash. Though suspicious of each other, the heroes forge an alliance to combat a monstrous foe who threatens all of humanity.

The all-star voice cast includes David Boreanaz as Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry "Flash" Allen, Jeremy Sisto as Batman, Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris, Kyle MacLachlan as Superman, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, Miguel Ferrer as J'onn J'onzz, and DC (animated and live-action) veteran Phil Morris as King Faraday.

The DVD will be available in two versions.

Extras on the single-disc widescreen release include:

* Super Heroes United!: The Complete Justice League History: The documentary is a comprehensive JLA chronology from comics inception to animated renditions. Interviews include Paul Levitz, Dan DiDio, Gregory Noveck, Mark Waid, Mike Friedrich, Denny O'Neil and Mike Carlin.

* Sneak Peak: Batman: Gotham Knight, the highly anticipated 2008 anime film.

* Two Audio Commentaries.

The two-disc Special Edition DVD features the above extras, plus:

* The Legion of Doom: The Pathology of the Super Villain: This documentary examines the mythological archetypes of nemesis characters, and how the tenants of those traditions were adapted for the JLA stories.

* Comic Book Commentary: Homage to the New Frontier: A nod to fans of the 'New Frontier' comic, this features vivid still imagery and commentary by writer-artist Cooke.

* "Justice League Unlimited" Bonus Episodes: Producer Bruce Timm selects three of his favorite episodes from the "JLU" animated series--"Dark Heart", "To Another Shore" and "Task Force X".

Justice League: The New Frontier, rated PG-13, is due in stores on February 26, 2008.
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