DVD REVIEW: Tom and Jerry Tales - Vol. 5

Impressive how faithful Tom and Jerry Tales is to the classic MGM shorts. Volume 5 continues the tradition with another dozen fast and funny cartoons...
I've always been a big fan of Halloween and/or "spooky"-themed cartoons, and there's a trio included here. The best of these is "Monster Con", in which Tom faces off with a Van Helsing-inspired monster hunter. The inimitable Droopy co-stars in "A Life Less Guarded." There's also an extreme sports theme running throughout the collection, as the classic cat and mouse team compete in skateboarding, cycling and tennis.

TOM AND JERRY TALES offers plenty of action (with mild animated violence, if that sort of thing concerns you) to keep younger kids interested, and enough comic antics to appeal to the kids in us all. I recommend getting them all.

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