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Easter Scares. The return of Doctor Who

For fans of Doctor Who, here's a preview of what's coming up for the last of the Time Lords.


The new season of Doctor Who is almost upon us and I can’t wait. We’ve been promised Amy and Rory, Area 51, President Nixon, the Oval office, an alien invasion, a Stetson, skyscrapers, spaceships, men in black and Alex Kingston returning as River Song. With the Valley of the Gods in Utah as a backdrop, wow.
All of this and it’s only the first week, OMG.

For the first time in the shows long history, season six will be split into two halves. The first starts on Saturday 23rd April at 6pm on BBC 1, or 9pm/8c in America on BBC America. The second half will start in the autumn.

So what is there to look forward too? We have a terrifying new monster, the Silence. There are going to be pirates, a killer of hundreds of Time Lords, alien shape changers, green eyed Ood, Cybermen, Cybermats and at least one Sontaran. Oh and did I mention Alex Kingston?

That’s just the first 7 episodes. Any news from episodes 8-13 of the new series is locked away in head writer, Steven Moffat’s safe, which is itself locked away in a safe hidden in another dimension that only Steven can access.

But rest assured, if anything leaks from the safe in a safe I will let you know.
In the mean time, here’s a list of titles for episodes 1-7.

01, The Impossible Astronaut.
02, Day of the Moon. This year the new season kicks off with a two-parter by Steven Moffat.
03, The Curse of the Black Spot by Steve Thompson.
04, The Doctor’s Wife by Neil Gaiman. Yes that Neil Gaimen.
05, The Rebel Flesh
06, The Almost People. A two-parter by Matthew Graham.
07, A Good Man Goes to War by Steven Moffat.
0 Yes
0 No

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