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Lost: Episode 6:05 The Lighthouse

Bit late with this one folks! Here's my thoughts on this Jack centric fifth episode of the finale season...
As the final season roles along we have had some pretty good episodes that were sort of kinda a little bit let down by the new "flash sideways" gimmick stories. For any non Losties reading, thats the alternate universe created when Juliette detonated the Atom bomb..clear? Thought so! Anyway this ep is no different..very good island exploits...not so good on the old LA multiverse.


Jacob appears to Hurley again and tells him that he and Jack must go to the lighthouse(yes, there was a lighthouse on the island all along..guess it was hiding). He gives Hurley a list of instructions which he writes on his arm. Meanwhile Jack seems to be finding a bit of common ground with Dogan(thats his name isn't it?) so Hurley expresses to Jacob that he may not go along too willingly. Jacob tells him to tell Jack "He has what it takes"..a clear reminder to Jack that his father constantly reminded him that he had NOT got what it took. Yes folks, once again Lost is back in its favorite territory..the Daddy issues. But more on that later. So jack and Hurley set off for the lighthouse. On the eay they run into Kate who is determined to find Claire, stop by the caves and see Adam And Eve(Is it Rose and Bernard? I haven't a clue) and engage in a bit of old times banter as Hurley recalls how cool it is to be travelling through the jungle with his buddy again. This is what makes Hurley such a great character and really Lost such a great show. Friendships are never lost sight of or sacrificed for other plot devices which so often happens in other shows of this type. Of course Jack has a bit on his mind and isn't too forthcoming with the nicey nicey, although he does reveal to Hurley his reason for returning to the island. He was "broken, and he thought this place would put him back together". Anyway, when they get to the lighthouse they see a strange dial with mirrors attached and all of the surviving characters names on it and the dead one names crossed off..just like in Jacob's cave last episode. As Hurley turns the dial Jack gets a glimpse of something in one of the mirrors and tells Hurley to reset it to his number(remember the infamous numbers represent Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke and Jin. He then sees in the mirror the house he grew up in and freaks out demanding Hurley tells him what Jacob wants from him and why he was watching him since he was a kid. Hurley doesn't know so Jack being Jack smashes the [frick]ing mirrors instead of examining the dial to see if he could find out any more information. Baby. Jacob then turns up and reveals to Hugo that it was what he wanted to happen all along..the smug git. I am really not liking Jacob..part of me actually liked Un-Locke more. He also tells him that the temple is under attack from Un-Locke and thats why he wanted to get he and Jack far away..but isn't Sayid also a "candidate"? Anyway, Jacob doesn't seem to give a shit about our favorite torturer too much.
The sub story on the island is Jin and bat shit crazy Claire. She questions her captive Other about the whereabouts of her son and even when Jin reveals that Kate took him she still kills him with an axe! A new one for Lost. Jin then pretend she was lying and that they do indeed have Aron inside the temple. Just then Claire's "friend" shows up. Its Un-Locke..the plot thickens!


Ok, so this version of Jack has a son named David. David is just as distant with Jack as Jack was with his father. Turns out David can play the piano really well and thought Jack's expectations were always too high, and that if he told him he would be disappointed with his performance..just like Christian was with Jack see? So Jack goes to see him play and realizes that he is acting just like his dad did when he was a kid. That it. Stuff we already knew about a character that may not even exist! Or if he does, its not the Jack we have been following all these years so who gives a shit? These flash sideways really better be going somewhere is all I can say. Oh there was one interesting thing, Jack notices his appendix scar in the mirror and doesn't seem to remember getting it. He asks his mother and she says he had it out when he was very young. Jack then seems to recall it. Of course we know that Jack..our Jack..island jack, only got the scar on the island. So this suggests that maybe these are not separate, alternate timeline characters, but actually the result of a split consciousness..kind of like what used to happen with Desmond. His mind would be in one place but his body in another. Anyway, just my theory. I hope its something like that. The idea of elseworld characters meeting up with the island ones or something is pretty ridiculous to me.

All in all a very good ep..but I'm still a bit frustrated by whats may happen with the flash sideways..guess we better have faith. No choice!

Oh and Whose name corresponds to the all-important number 108 on the lighthouse dial? Well, it could be Penny or Charles Widmore, Walt, or Desmond. But since the name written on the dial is “Wallace,” maybe it’s a character we haven’t met yet?
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