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Check out the full, uncensored NSFW poster for the upcoming remake with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara..
Cassidy - 6/8/2011

Check out the (tamer) trailer for David Fincher's remake, along with a slightly NSFW poster..
Cassidy - 6/1/2011

Check out this strange but awesome looking trailer for Aronofski's latest, starring Natalie Portman , Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel..
Cassidy - 8/17/2010

Rooney Mara!...Who? Emm, yeah I had no idea either.but she has beaten off big names like Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman to nab the role of Lisbeth Salander in David Finchers's remake...
Cassidy - 8/17/2010

First we have heard from Hardy on taking over from Mel Gibson as the loopy Aussie. Collider sat down with the actor for a talk about Inception, but he revealed quite a bit about the 4th Max movie too...
Cassidy - 6/27/2010

The cast for the Vampire remake is being rounded out nicely, with Poots(Centurion, 28 Weeks Later) joining as Amy, the female lead...
Cassidy - 6/19/2010

The controversial but very well received sci -fi horror comes out this weekend. But here is one final net trailer to whet the appetite...
Cassidy - 6/2/2010

The latest effort! I think its fairly clear whats happening at the end, but some folks haven't got it, so feel free to ask!..
Cassidy - 5/29/2010

The end indeed. Arguably the most anticipated series finale in history has been and gone and there are a lot of happy, sad and indifferent fans! Click to get my take on it, and a look at why I think Lost became the phenomenon that it did...
Cassidy - 5/24/2010

After last weeks disappointment, has the show redeemed itself in this very important penultimate episode?..
Cassidy - 5/19/2010

Check out this cool vid featuring pretty much every Lost kill so far...needless to say, Sayid has the most screen time!
Cassidy - 5/18/2010

So, we finally get the story behind Jacob and Smokey...sort of! Click to hear my thoughts..
Cassidy - 5/13/2010

Boo, sniff, Lost is really getting ruthless with its characters as we gear up for the finale. Click to find out all the explosive details..
Cassidy - 5/6/2010

An artist named Gideon Slife has taken on the challenge of creating a Lost poster for every episode leading up to the final...
Cassidy - 4/27/2010

As the grand finale looms, check out my thoughts on this multi character centric ep which moves a lot of pieces into position for the inevitable battle..
Cassidy - 4/22/2010

This is a short film/music video I made set to Tom Waits' Innocent When You Dream, featuring characters from Neil Gaimen's Sandman...
Cassidy - 4/22/2010

Well, everybody may love old Hurley, but I seriously doubt everyone loved this mental episode!
Cassidy - 4/14/2010

If you have seen this dude's 7 part video review of The Phantom Menace, your gonna wanna check this out!
Cassidy - 4/14/2010

What an episode brotha! Desmond is back, and he's at his old time/reality/universe hopping best...
Cassidy - 4/7/2010

The title is Latin for "From eternity". In this ep we finally get the story on Lost's most enigmatic character, the seemingly immortal Richard Alpert...
Cassidy - 3/25/2010