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Lost: Episode 6:14 The Candidate

Boo, sniff, Lost is really getting ruthless with its characters as we gear up for the finale. Click to find out all the explosive details..
Woah. Big time casualties for our Losties in this ep. The flash sideways deal with Locke recovering from his hit and run by Desmond only to have Jack attempt to fix him..fully! Jack thinks Locke is a "candidate" for a new procedure which could give him back the use of his legs. I bet like me you thought that the title referred to finding out who will take over from Jacob back in the island verse? Well, we might have an inkling into that too thanks to Sayid's final words.

Locke refuses Jack's offer of surgery, prompting Jack(of course) to pry into the details of his accident to see if he can figure out why he is dead set against walking again. It turns out that in the sideways verse, Locke lost the use of his legs in a plane crash. He was piloting, and his father(who Locke is close with in this reality remember) was his passenger and came out a lot worse than his son! This leads to Jack confronting Locke and the two have a very emotional back and forth. Jack tells Locke that he doesn't know how to let go either and was hoping Locke would go first. As Locke leaves Jack says "I can help you John, I wish you would believe me." Echoing Island reality Lock'e last written words to Jack in his "suicide" note. Terry O'Quinn and Mathew Fox are at their best in this scene, its played to perfection. But the real drama happens back on the island.

Jack wakes up after the mortar attack in a boat. Sayid had paddled them over to Hydra Island. Un-Locke is there too. The 3 decide to go rescue the others from Widmore, but Jack is still adamant he is not going with them on the plane. Un-Locke goes all Smoke monster and kills a few of Widmore's gun hands, freeing Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Frank, Sun and JIn. They all head for the plane, which Locke has already visited, finding an explosive device on board. He tells them that Widmore planted it, trying to get them all together in a confined space so he could kill them all at once. He tells them they have to take the submarine now. Sawyer feigns acceptance of Un-Locke's leadership but on the way to the sub tells Jack that they can't let "that thing" on the sub with them. He tells Jack to get Un-Locke in the water and "he'l do the rest". Its a strange line because James doe's precisely dick once Jack knocks Un-Locke in the water except get into the sub with everyone else. Kate takes a bullet to the shoulder in the skirmish and Claire is left behind as the other dive in the sub. Un-Locke tells her that the sub is the last place she would want to be. The sneaky smokey prick planned it all along. He didn't need them to leave the island, he needed them to die..but couldn't directly do the honors himself so he gives Jack the backpack with the explosives in. As the timer ticks down Jack figures as much and tells James to trust him that nothing will happen if they let it tick to zero. Old Sawyer doesn't rust anyone of course so he pulls the frakking wires, speeding up the timer. Sayid steps up. He tells Jack to go free Desmond from the well because he might need him. Why? Because "Its going to be you Jack". Sayid grabs the bomb and runs, sacrificing himself for the others as it explodes. Its a nice redemptive death, but I have to say for one of the shows most popular characters it wasn't the emotional impact I was hoping for when the tough bastard finally met his maker. In the aftermath of the explosion we see Frank get his by a door. Thats right, Ilana with dynamite, Frank Lapidus with a [frick]ing door. They don't even bother to show us his body. Which means he may not be dead right? Well unless he can sprout gills its not looking good. Sun is pinned to the side of the sub wall and the others can't free her. When Sayer is knocked unconscious Jack reluctantly takes him to shore leaving Jin to attempt to free his wife. He can't, and we witness one of the most emotional scenes in Lost history as they hold each other right until the end. Titanic's got nothing on this! Back on the shore Sawyer slowly revives, Jack, Kate and Hurley cry for their lost friends. And Un-Locke set out to "finish what he started".

This was a great ep, but not without its problems. A lot of things seem to happen because the story says it happens..but doesn't really feel like its the way the characters would behave. Jack just pretty much does whatever is aked of him. He says he will help the others get to the sub but won't leave with them, Sawyer says he doesn't trust Un-Locke so he agrees to push him in the water. Just didn't ring true for me that the usually thoughtful Jack would play along so easily. Also in the sub, couldn't they have ejected the bomb via the torpedo shoot or something? You would have thought someone would even have suggested it, I mean it just felt like too much of a handy plot turn to off load a few characters that the writers couldn't figure out what to do with. And can unconscious people hold their breath? Sawyer seemed to be doing a good job. I know its nit picking but I'v decided to be a bit tougher on Lost for the last few eps since they seem determined to get tough on us! Sayid, Jin, Sun and (probably) Frank are now brown bread. Its been suggested to me that these deaths lose some impact since we know that other versions of these characters exist in the alternate timeline, but I disagree. They are not the same people that we have watched now for 6 seasons, and even if sideways Jin/Sun etc live happily ever after, our guys won't.

Next weeks ep is called Across The Sea and is expected to answer a lot of questions as we see the origins of Smokey and Jacob.

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