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Lost: Episode 6:13 The Last Recruit

As the grand finale looms, check out my thoughts on this multi character centric ep which moves a lot of pieces into position for the inevitable battle..
I'm going to be doing this review a bit differently as there is so much going on in this ep with all the characters its easier not to go over everything and just talk about the big issues.

This week we finally get to see Jack and Locke face off again..except of course its not actually Locke, which does kind of rob the scene of some power. Anyway, it still rules. And even more importantly, Un-Locke reveals that he was indeed posing as Jack's dear dead Daddy all along. This does raise a few "But then how come.." s. But like I suspected, it seems that they are going to gloss over certain elements of it and that'l be that. Anyway, while the two groups merge and get reacquainted, back in the ol flash sideways world things are really shaping up. All of the remaining candidates as well as Claire, Kate and Desmond cross paths with others and there is a real sense that Desmond's mission will ultimately be successful and somehow, someway, both realities will merge. There was also a much stronger connection between both realities this week. Characters crossed paths and discussed the same or similar things in both..such as Jin and Sun's tearful..slightly cheesy reunion on the island and there similar conversation after she wakes in the hospital, Jack meets Locke again, Jack and Claire discuss their father etc. Back on the island, Un-Locke sends Sayid to kill Desmond after Zoe arrives to the camp and calls in an air strike as a demonstration of what they are capable of. Sayid obviously spares Desmond's life..that gun flash from the teaser clearly being a fake. But what the Hell is up with the guy? WE know he is "different now" as Kate puts it. And show creator Damon Lindelof has said that he is possessed by something..but what? Either way, its pretty clear that he is now seen as a "bad guy". My guess is in the last ep we will see a redemptive Un-Locke double cross that will lead to Mr Jarrah's noble end. Sawyer sets his double cross into action, taking the boat over to the other island with Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Frank and a de-brainwashed Claire..although I think she will have another little kill Kate episode before the end! On the way Sawyer and Jack share a pretty damn funny "get off my damn boat" moment. And get off it Jack does, swimming back to Un-Locke because he still believes he has a purpose on the island. Jack truly is the new Locke, and in a way Un-Locke is now playing Jacks's part..calling Locke a sucker for believing that he was special and the island wanted him for something. Anyway, the others arrive to Hydra island and are greeted by Tina Fey..I mean Zoe and her gun men who hold them at gunpoint saying to Sawyer "Deals off". Before that we get the cringey reunion! Ah no it wasn't really, its nice to see them reunited(notice the sick look on Sawyers face..awww) although the way it was shot I though those pylons were going to fry one of them before they embraced! The cheese factor is upped by Frank.."Looks like someone got their voice back". But I like Frank, I really hope he gets something to do other than die before the end. Although, did anyone else find the scene when he asks Sawyer what the plan was and then straight away heads below deck a bit maybe he was alerting Widmore of their arrival? Jesus Lost is making me paranoid! Widmore, the lying shit, calls in the strike which hits Jack, Un-Locke and a few red shirts who are of course blown to bits. Un_Locke carries Jack into the jungle and says "Your with me now". Indeed you are Jacky boy. No sign of Richard, Miles and Ben but I'm sure they will show up lobbing their grenades at some point.

So, a very strong episode that features some great but understated performances. The whole ep has a sense of urgency about it, and everything seems to be moving into place and all or most of the characters go through big turning points. Some strange stuff too though(wouldn't be Lost without it!), sideways Desmond seems to be acting with complete knowledge of both realities now, moving people into position with total confidence. I think both he and island Des are now completely the same consciousness occupying different bodies..or different versions of the same bodies.or..ah forget it..he knows whats up! And i'm not sure what Widmore thought to gain from bombing Un-Locke other than to kill his lackies and piss him off! I think next week Smokey makes another appearance.

Next ep isn't for another 2 weeks(boo!), its called The Candidate..Oooooh!

The Horror..The Horror! We are losing some main characters next ep folks, mark by words.
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