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Lost: Episode 6:11 Happily Ever After

What an episode brotha! Desmond is back, and he's at his old time/reality/universe hopping best...
I missed out on last weeks Jin/Sun centric ep review due to being away for Easter but I'm glad I'm back on track for this one! After Sayid spotted Desmond(The Package) being dragged to see Widmore at the end of last weeks ep, its straight into the action as Des awakes to find out that dear old Charlie Widmore has brought the hapless Scot back to the one place in the universe(parallel or otherwise) that he ever wanted to see again. His reason? To to some kind of test involving an electromagnetic event(which Des survived back in season 3 when the hatch imploded) and Desmond, whom he knows somehow is "special".

Widmore seems to think that if Des survives the test that he will be instrumental in stopping Un-Locke from leaving the island. He tells him that even if he does survive, that he will then ask him to "sacrifice something". And survive he does..but the charge doesn't knock Des back or forward in time as we have previously seen him travel..but, yes you guessed it, sideways! Des joins the other characters in their alternate lives in LA but this flash sideways in infinitely more interesting and revealing than any we have previously seen, and we now know(at least, most likely) that at some point both realities will combine. In this reality, Des is close to Charles Widmore and works for him as his right hand man. Widmore asks him to go and fetch Charlie Pace(who is currently in prison after the incident on the flight) on behalf of his wife so he can perform at a party with their son. He does so, but Charlie bolts to a nearby pub where Des follows him, and the two old(new) pals have a very interesting conversation indeed. Charlie recounts his near death experience on teh flight and how he experienced real love when he saw a vision of Claire as he was dying only for Jack to revive him. This was clearly some type of memory flooding back into the mind of this Charlie, of the love that his now dead doppleganger shared with Claire on the island before he drowned. He seems to think Des should or will be aware of a similar feeling. On the way to the party Charlie grabs the wheel and the car crashes through a barricade and is submerged under water. Des gets free and swims back to help he is trying to get his door open Charlie puts his hand on the window and Des gets a vision of Island Charlie doing the same back in the Looking Glass as he was drowning, but of course back then Charlie has written "Not Penny's boat" on his hand as a warning to Des. Another near death experience causing flashes to the other reality. Juliet had one on the island as she was dying too. Anyway, Des saves Charlie and the 2 are brought to hospital where Des undergoes some cat scans. While in the machine(electro magnetism again) he gets the not Penny's boat flash again and resolves to find Charlie and find out what the Hell is going on. While looking he runs into Jack, who if you remember briefly sat next to Des on the flash sideways flight to LA..but from which Des mysteriously disappeared. This strange occurrence is not explained in this episode as Des clearly landed on the flight as we see him at the start of the ep looking for his luggage at the airport. Anyhoo, Des finds Charlie who is still adamant that Des admits that he "felt it too". He then bolts again. Des goes to see Mrs Widmore(who is of course Eloise Hawking) to explain that he lost Charlie. She is not at all angry. But as Des is leaving he hears the name Penny being called out from the guest list ans when he goes to investigate Eloise intervenes and explains that he is "not ready" to know what is going on. Clearly this Eloise knows just as much about these mysterious events as the other one..either that, or they are one ion the same! After all we know that even before Jughead exploded, Eloise was capable of appearing to Des is all timelines. As he is leaving, disheartened, the Widmore's son, Daniel Faraday nabs a word. This Faraday is a musician not a bio physicist but one day awoke having scribbled down incredibly complex equations(other reality bleeding through again) and believes that somewhere, some time, he set off an atomic bomb and that he and everyone else are "not living the lives they were supposed to". He also reveals that he spotted Charlotte walking in the gardens and fell in love at first sight. Charlie, Daniel and now Des are all being haunted by the loves they had in a previous/alternate life, and this is calling them back to rediscover it. Des is unconvinced until Dan tells him that Penny is his half sister and where he can find her. Des finds her running the same steps he was when he first met Jack back in season 2. He introduces himself and shakes her hand..fainting, and coming around in the island verse after the charge. He agrees outright to help Widmore with no more fuss..BUT, Sayid puts a crimp in his plans by "rescuing" him. Sideways Des comes around and makes a date with Penny. Awwwww:) The episode ends with Des asking his driver(George Minkowski) to get a manifest of the passengers of flight 815.

This ties with Ab Eaterno for me as the best ep of the season so far. Des centric eps are always great but this has the added bonus of finally giving us an inkling that all of this alternate reality guff will eventually pay off. We now know for a fact that both realities are connected and that some of the Flash sideways folks are aware of the "proper" reality that they belong in. Des is off to try to convince the rest of em now, but what will that mean? Assuming he can convince them that something has to change, in this reality the island is under water. Do they set off another bomb to reset things again? Unlikely. But one things for sure, by the end the flash sideways folk will all have to do or sacrifice SOMETHING to combine both realities. I for one am hoping that real Locke comes to the island and kicks that imposter's ass!

Here is a sneak peak of next weeks ep, Everybody Loves Hugo

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