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Lost: Episode 6:08 Recon

Time to get a glimpse of what Sawyer has been up to since decided to join up with Un-Locke..
And that has been..babysitting the injured Jin apparently. On the island we see Un-Locke returning with the survivors of the temple massacre, Kate, Sayid and Claire in tow. Un-Locke tells Sawyer that he has a mission for him. He wants him to go over to Hydra island where the Ajira flight crashed and see if anything is salvageable. Meanwhile Kate decides to have a chat with an increasingly psychotic looking Sayid. She asks if he's ok to which he simply replies "No". No shit mate. Kate is then jumped by Claire who is moments away from sticking a blade in her throat when Un-Locke pulls her off and gives her a smack. While that was happening Kate pleaded with Sayid for help but he just sat there watching. I dfind this a bit silly. So Sayid has accepted his destiny to be "Eeeevil"..does that mean a complete turn around of his character in every way? Apparently so. It seems Sayid will most definitely have no qualms about killing any of team Jacob that gets in Un-Lockes way..friends or otherwise. Anyway, Sawyer reaches the island and sees a pile of bodies near the plane wreckage. He comes across girl called Zoe who claims to be a survivor of the crash but is actually one of Charles Widmore's people. She..along with another few gun hands, brings Sawyer to Widmore aboard the sub where they cut a deal. Sawyer brings Un-Locke to Widmore in exchange for safe passage off the island for Sawyer and his friends. But of course, Sawyer being Sawyer he spills the beans to Un-Locke once he's back on the main island. Is he on the level? Or does he recognize that Un-Locke can not be trusted and is instead in the process of working a double..double cross or one of his famous long cons? Going back to the sub plot, Un-Locke attempts to comfort Kate and apologizes for Claire's state of mind since he was the one that told her that the Others had Aaron. He also tells her that he knows what she's feeling because his mother was crazy too. At first I thought he must have been speaking as Locke, and that this was proof that some part of Locke still exists in there with Smokey, but then he says "back before I looked like this" and its clear that Un-Locke is speaking about his own actual mother. Smokey had a Mommy! Very interesting. The more I see of this strange character the more I start to think that him being evil is all relative. We know he is a ruthless killer..but maybe not without reason. Of course he could just be attempting keeping his troops onside and turn out to be a complete bastard! Sawyer then approaches Kate at the fire and tells her that they are getting off the island..and taking the sub to do so.

The flash-sideway deals with a DUN DUN DUUUUN..cop. Thats as interesting as it gets. He shags Charlotte, lies to Miles(his partner in this reality), eventually comes clean about his tragic childhood and need for revenge, before being rear ended by a car, chasing down the driver and its..DUN DUN DUUUUN Kate. The end. So its clear these flash-sideways are in the process of bringing the characters together, but I have to say, this was by far the worst episode of the season so far. The island segments had some interesting bits as always but this flash-Sideway had nothing. It was boring. And Lost is rarely that. I have faith that they are going somewhere, and that somehow both Island and Parallel L.A realities will combine again..possibly somehow involving Desmond. But the journey there is starting to become frustrating. Lost has been that in the past quite a few times and I have always had patience, but this is the final season for Gods sake, we have 8 episodes left..get the finger out lads! Filler eps like this do not go down well when your supposed to be charging towards the finish line.

Next weeks ep is titled Ab Eterno and we finally get Richard's story, look forward to it:)

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