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A fansite for Westerns and movies with Cowboys and Indians. Oh, and a shrine to the legendary John Wayne.

TOP STORY: One thing we need to worry about in the world today is the feminization of men in today’s culture: Boys don’t get to be boys anymore. REAL MEN like John Wayne provide the type of example that boys of today need... Read More!

El Dorado gets our pick for "Best Western" of all time. If you haven't seen it yet, get ready for a true classic John Wayne Western. Here's the rundown pardner...
EarthsMightiestFan - 4/10/2009

Ed Harris rides tall in the saddle as director, co-writer, co-producer and star of this terrific Western, a potently acted powerhouse that sticks in the mind and the heart.
EarthsMightiestFan - 4/10/2009

As an ongoing feature at the Cowboy Movies fansite we are going to reintroduce the world to some REAL MEN who are so prevalent in westerns. No girly men here. First up, the man who represents the whole genre, John Wayne.
EarthsMightiestFan - 4/10/2009