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Famous Album Titles That Almost Were

But thankfully weren't.

The Beatles - Help!
Working title: Eight Arms to Hold You
We should be clear, fact fans, that this was the working title of the Beatles' second film, which later became Help! Presumably the soundtrack album would have had the same name? Don't be pedantic now, please

Bryan Adams - You Want It You Got It
Working title: Bryan Adams Hasn't Heard of You Either
Bryan Adams wanted to call his second album this because, in 1981, nobody had. This was a long time before his 16-week squat on the number one spot made everyone wish they hadn't.

Bon Jovi - Crush
Working title: Sex Sells
Bon Jovi abandoned this title, together with most of the songs on it, in 1999. A few would surface on their next album Crush.

Nirvana - In Utero
Working title: I Hate Myself And I Want to Die
Kurt Cobain really planned to call Nirvana's third album this, but claimed at the time it was a joke. It was released seven months before he killed himself. It was no joke.

U2 - The Joshua Tree
Working title: The Two Americas
A title which effectively sums up the themes of U2's masterwork, albeit in a way which manages to make The Joshua Tree sound unpretentious.

Hole - Nobody's Daughter
Working title: How Dirty Girls Get Clean
Years delayed and much talked about, we now know this album will be released in April. The title is fixed, it's the artist that could change. We're still not sure if will be as Hole or a Courtney Love solo release.

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Working title: The Amazing Pudding
This was the initial title for the massive orchestral suite that went on to form most of Floyd's album of the same name. It was also the name of the group's fanzine.

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Working title: Remember the Zoo
Brian Wilson denies the long-held story that Pet Sounds was originally to be called Remember The Zoo. Hard to imagine it topping classic album lists with a name like that.

The Darkness - Permission To Land
Working title: Thank You This Will Suffice For Me Now If You Please Have Sex with My Friend The Darkness were funny, for a bit, like this possible album title. Short Fat C**k was another one. Ha.

Nas - Untitled
Working title: ******
We're not allowed to publish the original title to this but suffice to say it's a racial slur. Nas must have thought that by 2007, the rules for use of this particular word by rappers were clear. But he announced it, America was outraged, and he backed down. The album is now known simply as "Untitled".

Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life
Working title: Let's See Life The Way It Is
This working title for Stevie Wonder's 1976 Motown classic makes more sense but lacks the poetry. You can't have everything.

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
Working title: Margaret On A Guillotine
The Smiths' classic third album ended up dreaming of regicide, but at first Morrissey had Thatcher in his sights - an idea that would eventually end up as a track on his debut solo album.

Eric Clapton - There's One In Every Crowd
Working title: The Best Guitarist In The World: There's One In Every Crowd
The full title of Clapton's 1975 album is his reply to repeatedly being told he was the best guitarist around for most of the 1970s. It would still have sounded like bragging though, wouldn't it?

Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Amanda Palmer
Working title: That's Amanda F*****g Palmer To You
Unlike most of the sweary titles on this list, you feel this one probably came close to happening. Amanda Palmer is known as AFP by her fans to this day.
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