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OZZY OSBOURNE: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From the Making Of BRISK Commercial

Brisk Iced Tea is revitalizing its legacy of animating iconic celebrities through clay puppet animation by partnering with rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and a few other A-list stars.
To refresh the campaign and launch an online contest challenging consumers to tell their own brisk stories, they've recruited the famed Prince of Darkness, who's known for his bold behavior.

Brisk, a product of the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, is working with Osbourne to present a tongue-in-cheek web film promoting the brand by telling viewers how to be normal — from Ozzy's perspective, that is. The film opens with a clay puppet Ozzy offering instructions for normal living, including things like go on a cruise, decorate your cubicle and believe commercials. After breezing through a list, he snaps out of it with a swig of Brisk and is transformed back to the risk-taking rocker we all know and love.

"Ozzy is continuously reinventing himself," says Mary Barnard, Vice President and General Manager of the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership. "From rock star to reality TV presence to author and advice columnist, Ozzy is always creating and doing new things. People love him for that — and that's what Brisk is celebrating in this web film."

The Ozzy web film, which can be viewed below, is the second clay puppet animation film produced by Brisk this month. The first stars Mexican-American action hero Danny Trejo as his title character Machete Cortez from the 2010 film "Machete". He rapidly recounts the film's events in an ultra-condensed, action-packed sequence with a lighthearted tone — all after a swig of Brisk.

"People love to see a recognizable celebrity having some fun with their image, which is why our kick-off of the Brisk clay animation spots in the nineties worked in the first place," says Barnard. "This time around, we're bringing the brisk spirit into play by creating a more frenetic pace and packing as much into 30 seconds as possible. We're keeping it Brisk."

Both the Trejo and Osbourne films can be found on the Brisk Facebook page. Fans are encouraged to review the films and submit their own brisk stories in 140 characters or less. Two winners' stories will be animated and placed on the web site.

Ozzy visited Chicago's Another Country Studios on December 9 to lend his voice to a claymation web film for Brisk.

Behind-the-scenes footage from the recording session can be viewed below.

Brisk is available in a number of flavors such as lemon, mint, peach, raspberry and fruit punch.

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