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Early Kurt Cobain Demos Found At Garage Sale

A lucky person rummaging through bins at a garage sale is about to make a hell of a lot of money because he stumbled upon what might be the earliest known demos of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

According to Blurt Online, the man discovered a series of Phillips cassette tapes at the sale in Aberdeen, Wash., which was Cobain's hometown.

They all had "KDC" (Cobain's full name was Kurt Donald Cobain ) scrawled on them in black marker, and upon listening, he decided he should figure out whether they were actually Cobain's demos.

Nirvana producers Jack Endino ( Bleach ) and Butch Vig ( Nevermind ) verified the tapes were Cobain's, and the website reports the man is negotiating a sale of the tapes with Cobain's estate and Nirvana's label.

The tunes are reportedly just "singalongs" on acoustic guitar or ukulele, and sound nothing like Nirvana, a source told Blurt Online.

"There's nothing there that would really give a blindfold test listener the sense that Cobain would go on to form one of the biggest bands on the planet, although it is worth nothing [sic] that even at that age you could hear the initial stirrings of his trademark rasp — kinda like any kid sounds after he's been punched in the throat a couple of times, actually," the source said.

"With that said, however, a few recurring lyrical motifs, somewhat precocious on one level and disturbing on another, do provide ad hoc foreshadowing. At least three songs contain the word 'vagina,' each part of some childlike rhyming scheme, one of them being 'your mama;' and there's an unusual fixation on firearms, too, such as in '...Weatherman,' where he sings in a kind of taunting tone of voice, 'You'll wish you were dead/ When I point my gun at your head.' That's followed by the popping sound of a kid's cap gun."
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