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Boondock Saints 2 WILL Be In Theaters!

"Star Trek" actor Clifton Collins Jr. promises the sequel to the cult classic "Boondock Saints" will be in theaters, unlike it's straight-to-DVD predecessor.
After the roller coaster cult infamy of Patrick Duffy with the original Boondock Saints, many fans have been eager to hear news on the long awaited sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, and Star Trek's Clifton Collins Jr. finally spilled the beans.

From MTV, Collins describes:

"It’s a wild ride - and it’s even better than the first one... I saw a rough cut on St. Patrick’s Day at Troy Duffy’s house, and he’s one-upped himself.

"There are just as many memorable scenes, if not more," the veteran actor said. "And I’m the new Saint."

Collins goes on to explain that an All Saints Day (November 1st) theatric release was planned, in honor of the subtitle to the sequel, however, the studio is so eager to put the film out there, that it may be sooner than later.

MTV continues:

The flick pairs Collins with the returning Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, and ends with a big finale featuring "Boondock" scene-stealer Billy Connolly. "My favorite scene would have to be the showdown with Billy Connolly and myself, Peter Fonda, Norman and Sean," he said. "There’s a big showdown in a giant glass house. It’s like an Irish 'Enter the Dragon' finale."

And to top it off, rumor has it, this one will be even bloodier than the first.

Check out the full article over at MTV.

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