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Fanboy Fact or Fiction: Question Number 1

The filmmakers have some questions, starting with this:
QUESTION NUMBER ONE: Your greatest concern...

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And In Case You're Wondering...

Why the off site survey?

We realize that no one wants to air their innermost concerns on a public page, so we've created an account on survey monkey.

Assuming we get enough brave participants to take part, we'll post answers every couple of days or so.

Thanks for your help guys!


As for the length of the survey, there are two reasons.

First, we don't want you to get us mixed up with those fine folks who jerk you around for forty questions on the promise of a new laptop. We don't have new a new laptop. If we did, we sure as hell wouldn't give it away. And the second reason?



Who wants to answer a bunch of dumb questions all at once? I don't have time for that. Do you? I didn't think so...

Oh, look! A bunny!
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