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InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of Dead In the Family

The new release by Charlaine Harris novel continues the story of Sookie Stackhouse, but how did it compare to the other novels?

Charlaine Harris' Dead In the Family continues the story of Sookie Stackhouse. In this novel Sookie must deal with the aftermath of the Fairy War from the previous novel; including trying to recover from the traumatizing torture she endured from two psychotic fairies. As she continues her relationship with Eric Northman, Viking Vampire Sheriff of Area 5, she begins to be drawn deeper into the dangerous politics of the vampire world. We also meet new characters and their connection to other charcaters, such as Eric's maker and his new creation and Bill's "sister." We get to know a little more about Sookie's fairy cousin, Claude and her 5 year old cousin, Hunter. Also an angry fairy is still left in the world and is after Sookie for revenge.

I love this author and basically all the novels she has come out with in this series but this book didn't really have the same qualities that made me love the previous books. Its seemed so slow paced and also like she was just throwing stuff together to meet her deadline. It talked mostly about the politics of the Vampire world which was extremely boring; as well as talked about the politics involving the shifters and weres coming out to the world. The only enjoyable moments were with Claude and Hunter. Mostly my complaint was that nothing exciting happened. Even in the last few pages, it seemed so rushed that I had a hard time getting into what was taking place at the end. An interesting thing, to me, that did stand out was Sookie actually thinking about becoming a vampire, which let me add I hope she doesn't. I don't want this series ending with her as a vampire nor do I want her to marry or stay with a vampire. She deserves better than that because she can't have a good life with a vampire. Anyways...

Overall I say read it if you have been following the series because I feel it's information the reader will need to know for future novels, but don't just read it just for kicks. You'll be disappointed with it.
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