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InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of Despicable Me

The new, but cliche, story starring Steve Carell and Jason Segel. Was is funny or just despicable? Minor Spoilers.
Despicable Me is about a evil villain, Mr. Grue, who's career is being uprooted by a younger villain named Vector. After being denied a loan for his latest plot from "The Bank of Evil," a rivalry is formed between the two villains. Now how do the three kids come in? Well when Grue is unable to sneak pass Vector's security he sees opportunity in the form of the three girls (Margo, Edith, and Agnes) who were able to get pass the front gate of Vector's lair to sell Vector some cookies. So Grue adopts the three girls and of course the story is relatively cliche after that.

To me, the little minions are what made the movie for me. Yes, the other characters got in some laughs but, overall, it was the little yellow minions that brought the comedy, even though you can't understand hardly anything they say.

The storyline was good but as I said before, it was very cliche, and since it was very cliche it was hard for me to find any of it to be sentimental or sweet. All I could think is, "This has been done..."

Steve Carell did a very good job voice acting. As well as Jason Segel. They sounded so different.

The kids were so adorable. Especially the youngest, Agnes. I loved the scene at the carnival and her reaction to seeing the stuffed unicorn. "It's SO fluffy I could die!!!"

Overall, I would say good flick to take the kids to (I noticed all the kids in the theater were laughing), but if you don't have kiddies I think it's best to wait for DVD.

Not bad but it's been done.
3 Yes
1 No

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