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InstigatorGIRL's Rant & Review of Shrek Forever After

The final chapter in the "Shrek" story has been released. Was it a proper end or a waste of time. Major Spoilers
Shrek Forever After begins with the narration from, my new favorite Shrek villian, Rumpelstiltskin. We see that on the day Shrek rescued Fiona, Rumpelstiltskin had began making a deal with the King and Queen of Far Far Away (Fiona's Parents). In the deal, Rumpelstiltskin would save Fiona from her curse in exchange for the kingdom of Far Far Away, but before her parents could sign the contract; a messenger comes in and announces that Princess Fiona has been rescued by an ogre named Shrek. So then they leave without signing leaving Rumpelstiltskin angry and wishing Shrek was never born.

Then we see Shrek and his family. Now one year after the events of Shrek the Third. Poor Shrek's life has changed dramatically. Now a celebrity and a family man, Shrek begins to long for the days before he saved Fiona. During their triplet's first birthday party, Shrek has a breakdown and then gets in an arguement with Fiona and basically tells her he wishes he never saved her. Unknowing to them, Rumpelstiltskin witnesses the whole thing and watches as Fiona walks away hearbroken and Shrek leaves the party to wander around the woods.
Rumpelstiltskin fakes a crash to attract Shrek, which works, and then tricks Shrek into signing a contract that will allow him to be his "old ogre self" for a day, but in exchange Shrek has to give up a day. Everything magically changes around Shrek and he arrives in a place that no one knows about him. He run around pulling ogre shenanigans left and right, causing mayhem, and having the time of his life. After a while of doing this he starts to walk around the woods and notices "Wanted" posters of ogres, which he thinks are misinterpretings of him until he stumbles on a "Wanted" poster of Fiona. Realizing something is wrong he runs to the swamp where their home is and his house and everything is gone. Showing no signs of anyone EVER living there.
Shrek is captured shortly after by witches and locked up to be taken to Rumpelstiltskin, here Shrek sees Donkey and what has become of him. Donkey is now a slave to the witches and they abuse him and make him sing when they are bored. Shrek arrives at the destroyed Far Far Away to see Rumpelstiltskin is the new ruler and when Shrek asks where his family is; Rumpelstiltskin informs him that the day he took was the day Shrek was born which means Fiona was never saved and his children don't exist anymore and when his 24 hours are done Shrek will cease to exist. Shrek, enraged, escapes his chains and(after grabbing Donkey)escapes and tries to convince Donkey they are really best friends. Donkey flees and Shrek is left alone only with a stuffed ogre toy his daughter would play with. He begins to cry and Donkey comes back and decides to help him. Donkey reveals to Shrek the escape clause to his contract which, of course, is True Love's Kiss
Shrek and Donkey then come across a group of resistance Ogres who are lead by none other than Fiona. Shrek tries everything he can think of to make her kiss him, but every attampt fails. During one attempt, the now obese, Puss In Boots notices the spark between Shrek and Fiona and after Shrek reveals he knows about her curse, going as far as to recite the spell, Puss believes him to be Fiona's true love and agrees to help Shrek. During an attempt to ambush Rumpelstiltskin, Shrek tries, again, to convince Fiona that he is her True Love by telling her things only he would know. It almost works but Rumpelstiltskin expected the ogres and sent the Pied Piper in to capture the ogres with the aid of his Magical Flute. The ogres end up breaking into a dance routine (which is quite funny) and Fiona blames Shrek for distracting her and that it could've been avoided had he left her alone. Donkey and puss save Fiona and Shrek. When they get far enough away from the Pied Piper they stop dancing and Shrek explains to her about the deal and how True Love's Kiss will fix everything. Fiona kisses him but nothing happens. Fiona tells him "If you really were my true love, nothing would've stopped you from rescuing me from the tower," and she leaves. Shrek, heartbroken, realizes Fiona didn't love him and he starts to give up.
After the Piper tells Rumpelstiltskin Shrek and Fiona escaped, he puts out a bounty on Shrek in which, "the one who brings in Shrek gets The Deal of A Lifetime with no strings attached." So obviously everyone goes after Shrek. Shrek turns himself in and receives the Deal because Rumpelstiltskin tells him only True Love's Kiss was the only way out of his deal. Shrek signs and asks for all the ogres to be set free forever. They are released and Shrek is chained up next to Fiona, and because she wasn't a "real" ogre the deal didn't affect her. The ogres come back to save Shrek and Fiona and the final battle begins.
Rumpelstiltskin send Dragon after Shrek and Fiona. After Donkey's failed attempt to "woo" her Shrek and Fiona manage to tie Dragon up in chains and get free. They defeat Rumpelstiltskin and the ogres announce their victory. Shrek's 24 hours ends and Fiona watches as Shrek begins to disappear forever. Shrek's final words to her are about their children and how they have two boys, Farkle and Fergus, and a little girl named Felicia, in which Fiona says she always wanted a daughter to name Felicia. Shrek gives her Felicia's ogre toy and they kiss and Shrek disappears. The sun rises and Fiona doesn't change back to a human and she realizes that Shrek really was her true love. Then everything begins to change back.
Shrek opens his eyes to see he returned seconds before his breakdown. He turns to see Fiona and his children, whom he embraces. Then we see Shrek begin to continue the rest of his life completely appreciating everything he has.

******Likes & Dislikes******

-My thoughts on this new sequel was it wasn't very original. It was basically, "It's A Wonderful Life" only Shrek-itized. Despite that it wasn't original I honestly loved it.

-I was also impressed that it kept the attention of my 2 year old , she usually gets bored after awhile, and it made her smile and giggle so I can say its a great flick for kids.

-Loved Rumpelstiltskin! He is possibly the best Shrek villian ever. He was creepy and evil and, yet, hysterical and very entertaining to watch.

-Even though I loved Rumpelstiltskin, they kinda messed up their continuity by using him. They showed his character in the third movie and he looked nothing like how they portrayed him in this movie. Its not a big deal as I'm sure many of you didn't remember him in the third but he was there.

-I loved that they had Shrek re-establish his relationships with those closest to him and they showed layers of him we haven't seen since the first movie. I felt it added humor but also it really helped you connect with Shrek again like you do in first movie; to where you actually give a damn if he succeeds or not.

-They really made the message clear, which was "Love what you have and don't take it for granted." Though while they made it clear; they also didn't push it in viewers faces like some movies do.

Overall, I feel they made a comeback after the FAILURE that was Shrek the Third. Not only did I laugh, a lot, but I actually got teary-eyed in a few scenes. This Shrek really made me enjoy the Shrek series again and I look forward to buying this movie and adding it to my collection but I am also glad this is the final chapter in the story. I feel they have done all they could with this series and the characters and anymore would just be an failure to fans and a waste of the studio's time and money.
9 Yes
1 No

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