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Angel Coulby Teases Merlin Season Four

Angel Coulby, the actress who plays Gwen on BBC's Merlin recently shared some season four spoilers. Will Lancelot return? And what will happen to Arthur and Gwen's relationship?
While attending the launch of Warwick Castle attraction Merlin: The Dragon Tower, the actress had a few spoilers to share with Digital Spy

On Gwen's Role in the upcoming season

She's obviously no longer Morgana's maid servant, but she's been looking after the King," explained Coulby. "That's what she's been doing in the year that Morgana's been away.

Her relationship with Arthur

I think you can say that… it probably will be," she said. "You see that happen at the end of series three. You seem them embrace and kiss in public, so I think Gwen certainly hopes that they're moving in that direction.

On Lancelot's possible return to Camelot

Lancelot does come back," she insisted. "I don't know how long he'll be around for, but he definitely comes back! I don't know what's happening with him and Gwen. I think at the moment she's focused on Arthur. He's there for her and Lancelot keeps disappearing!
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