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The Night League faces its greatest challenge -- teaching Robin to recognize a bad guy when he seas one!
Britethorn - 6/21/2010

Just a couple of Superheroes working the Night Shift together!
Britethorn - 6/15/2010

Superman and Batman team up with the caped crusaders newest Robin to defeat their greatest foe yet: The 2010 United States Census.
Britethorn - 6/11/2010

App Man shares his thoughts on being the newest member of the Justice League.
Britethorn - 6/8/2010

Batman's stuck mentoring App Man!
Britethorn - 6/1/2010

Check out what Batman has to say about his friendship with Superman, The Yankees and the Recession.
Britethorn - 5/24/2010

Check out the latest episode of The Night League which raises the question, "Do you know Superman?"
Britethorn - 5/23/2010