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Wear This: Rocketeer Replica Costume

How much would it cost to deck yourself out in an authentic movie costume? Wallets beware, you can’t find this gear at your local Walmart.

The Rocketeer comics followed the adventures of Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot in 1938 Los Angeles who discovers a mysterious jet pack that allows him to fly. The character was created by writer and illustrator Dave Stevens as a homage to the pulp heroes of the 1930s and 1940s. Stevens gave the comics a retro, nostalgic feel influenced by the King of the Rocket Men movie serials and Commando Cody TV series.

Walt Disney Pictures released a live action film featuring the high flying hero, which was directed by Joe Johnston and starred Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin andTimothy Dalton. Though the film garnered favorable reviews from critics, it was a box office failure and ended the possibility of any sequels immediately. That didn’t stop it from becoming a cult classic, with VHS and DVD sales success. To this day it is considered by many to be the most accurate comics-to-film adaptation. Several sequences can even be compared shot-for-shot with Steven’s comic books.

The Rocketeer costume was a Halloween favorite for several years after the film’s release. I was the proud owner of a horribly tacky and cheaply made Rocketeer getup; a gift for my 8th birthday. That year I came up with any excuse to throw the latex helmet and plastic Cirrus X-3 jet pack on. I must not have been one of only a few to love that costume; with a simple internet search you can see that they are still produced and sold today, in all their nylon and Velcro glory.

Though I may still have the urge to don the finned helmet and jodhpur riding pants as an adult, the ensemble would definitely need an upgrade. Here I’ve assemble the best Rocketeer costume replica, both official and unofficial, available that any fan would be proud (and broke) to own.

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The Helmet

Master Replicas and Walt Disney Showcase Collection are proud to offer this special replica of the Rocketeer Helmet. An actual hero prop was carefully studied and painstakingly copied to create this special collectible; finished in antique gold, a soft cotton liner and leather chin strap.’ $600

The Jacket

Abby Shot has what I’ve found to be the most accurate representation of the Rockteer leather jacket currently on the market. To top it off, they also sell gloves to match the outfit. Jacket: $622 / Gloves: $28

*Click on the jacket to view an image of the gloves

The Johdpurs

Billings Army Navy Surplus has a hefty stockpile of WWI/WWII era Cavalry Riding Pants (also known as Johdpurs). They are not reproductions so you should definitely handle them with care. . $99

The Boots sell made to order replica Rocketeer riding boots. Simply send them your measurements and your pair should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks. $78

And finally. . .

The Cirrus X-3 Jet Pack

Monsters in Motion are the only company to offer this amazing item. It is a full-scale reproduction sculpted from photo references and technical drawings. If you feel you have the handyman skills to build this replica yourself, they will sell you the complete parts kit for only $950. If you want your jet pack hand crafted and factory finished, it will only run you $4,500

Total Cost = $5,927

Full replica costume images courtesy of KROPSERKEL
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