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Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer Rumor Roundup

There are (always) a number of Twilight Saga/Stephenie Meyer-related rumors out there, and this is our chance to investigate a few of them.
Rumor 1: The Host casting in full swing and Ian Somhalder cast as Ian. Now as much as Alphie would personally love nothing better than to have this be true, at the moment it’s rumor. A number of sources that we checked with were surprised to learn of this because the movie is still actively being developed. What we think sparked this was a German fansite stating Ian would be great for the role combined with a casting website that puts out general information about projects.

Rumor 2: Kristen Stewart is going to be in a Bollywood movie. There are about ten or so Indian entertainment sites reporting this and now others are picking it up. However there’s a pretty big GAPING hole in the story. The story claims that all of this was announced by the director on his blog, and near as we can tell there is NO mention of this on his blog.

Rumor 3: Kristen Stewart is a handbag designer. This one is true. She’s designed for Coach China!

Rumor 4: Breaking Dawn will shoot in October. Christian Serratos apparently slipped at the Australian convention this weekend and mentioned that. Previously other cast members (Kristen and Kellan) have said they’ve been asked to keep November clear. Our take (this isn’t official, just our conjecture putting together info from lots of sources and having tracked this stuff for awhile): they will start principal photography late October early November. We’d also bet that it will be two films since both Melissa and Stephenie have said they feel there’s enough material for that, and given the possibility for points of view beyond Bella’s this would seem to make sense. What is certain, no matter if it is one of two films, is that it won’t be more than a PG-13 rated film because that is part of the contractual conditions of it being made. You can still have effective steamy romance (a la Remember Me) and medical gore (a la ER the TV series) and be under rated R.

Rumor 5: We’d be STUNNED if Breaking Dawn was 3-D. It might work for action sequences, but the rest not so much. I mean, can you see Bella’s ring coming right at you or Renesmee…not so much.
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