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Kick Ass: A Review...I Did on CBM And Am Reposting Here.

No Spoilers...I Hope.
It was a cold Saturday morning when I and CBMs own TC boarded the train heading north to the closest theatre in our region. We spoke of comics, television and movies as we endured the scum and villainy who also partook in such transportation adventures. We arrived in Frankston and for all those who know Frankston you'll be happy to learn we got out alive.

We walked to the cinema at a medium pace spotting our friend James along the way, he joined us completing the trio. All were excited for Kick Ass. We paid for our tickets and headed to the gateway that would allow us passage to what we only assumed would be one of the better CBMs around. The cinema complex was operating slightly behind schedule so when we got inside cinema 4 the credits for Alice in Wonderland were still running.

After shouting out all the wrong answers to the movie quiz, not because of ignorance but rather to entertain ourselves, the advertisements and trailers began. I’m sad to say that the new Twilight trailer ran, my eyes nearly bled. And then it began and like all great movies we were engulfed and all the problems of reality disappeared for the next 2 hours.

For fans of the book you will notice some changes to the source material, this is a good thing. These changes allow for the book to translate better to film and allow audiences who are not accustomed with Kick Ass to follow more easily. Christopher Mintz-Plasse has a larger role as Red Mist then the comics would have led us to believe. A bit nerdier but overall a very funny and more relatable character.

Kick Ass himself (Aaron Johnson) is incredibly good and I'm sure many of us comic book fans will be able to sympathize with him. He also does a fantastic job of hiding his accent, perhaps Sam Worthington could take a leaf from his book. His acting was great and in his fight scenes you actually believe he is being hit which is good.

Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) nearly steals the whole show. She is phenomenal. Her performance really knocks you off your feet when she kills, maims and curses in this non chalont fashion. It's brilliant. Kind of makes me wish I was a 13 year old boy, I might have to wait 5 years til she's 18.

Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) is good. Recently he's been very annoying in movies (excluding National Treasure which I enjoyed) but he plays his role very well. I almost feel that this is the way Frank Miller had intended his actors to behave in the Spirit. Sort of cheesy but in a badass way that makes him seem cool.

The film is shot beautifully with all the lighting and quality of a major studio film but with the heart of an independent film. Kick Ass Definitely goes above and beyond and may be more successful then Iron Man II assuming word of mouth is as good as mine has been.

I give it 4/5 only because no movies perfect but this one comes close.


Benjamin Boekelaar :D
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Benjamin Boekelaar

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