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How Long Should The Avengers Movie Be?

Let's put the question out there and see what your opinions are: how long SHOULD the Avengers movie be?

With the excitement growing for the highly anticipated Avengers movie landing May 2012, I'm sure fans would love to know how long the movie will be. With so.. many hero's competing for screen time. How will director Joss Whedon ensure that they all get their time to shine, create an awesome movie and not end up on the editing room floor, DVD deleted scenes or recycle bin?

During the Avengers New York Comic Con 2011 Panel Q&A section a member of the audience ask:

19:34 Jay - With such a large movie, I guess my only question is, how long is the movie, because I'm expecting or hoping for 3 hours.

[crowd applause]

Kevin Feige - says the movie isn't finished yet but jokes 7 hours.

4 Yes
0 No

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