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Ryan Reynolds chosen to play Hal Jordan in new Green Lantern flick... Whaaat?

Regardless of starring in a Marvel blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds has been picked, MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN, to star in the new Green Lantern movie.
Now, I love Ryan Reynolds just as much as the next girl. He's witty, he's charming, that physique, blah blah blah...

But we all know he was pegged to play The Flash. (Which is now seemingly never going to happen. *sad face* )

And he was pegged for good reason! Check it. He has the wit. He has the motor mouth. He's built more like The Flash. He can pass for a guy named Wally OR Barry. Srsly.

But he's no George Eads.

Who.. wazza.. whatta? WHO?

Oh, you know him. And you probably love him. That all American, brawny Texas native who played Nick Stokes on CSI Vegas.

I have been fantasizing about George Eads playing Hal Jordan for YEARS! Not that kind of fantasizing... Well, maybe a little.. No, no, wait. This is serious business. *ahem*

Just check it:

Okay, so my Photoshop skillz lack luster, but imagine him with the Green Lantern "crab mask" and he's set to go!

Now, I know I am not the only one on this train, and I'd even go so far as to pick Nathan Fillion as my second choice. Never Ryan Reynolds. Sure, they want to sell tickets.
He's probably their golden boy.
But c'mon.

I want this film to have a little integrity. I want it to follow continuity. I don't just want Ryan Reynolds to dye his hair black. I want him to change the shape of his noggin for this role. But he can't.
So, just substitute George Eads. Ryan can play Kyle Raynor, if you're so desperate to have him... Well, maybe not even then. Guy Gardner is probably a better fit. But even that role could go to runner up Bradley Cooper.

I can say one thing I thought was a great idea: Not picking hipster weirdo Jared Leto.

What were they thinking? Who's idea was it to throw HIS name out there?

Um... *cough*

And JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE? *rolls eyes* I have two words for that "budding actor": BOOSTER GOLD.

'Nuff said.
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