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This.... Is gonna suck.

Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the Black Widow leaves much to be desired in this camp.
I just think this is horrible casting.

Yes, it's only my opinion... But I've read comics. I've imagined a Natasha Romanoff/Romanov in my mind already, and this isn't it.

And this DEFINITELY isn't it:

Emily Blunt would've been a wiser choice. An even wiser choice than that? Finding someone who already has a real accent. Because I have a feeling Scar-Jo's is going to leave much to be desired.

She's eye candy. She's not that great of an actress. She's either smiley or pouty. There's no other version. And I find that annoying, no matter how pretty she is, or how great her boobs are.

I don't think her husky voice is going to fool me when her accent slips.

I love you, Jon Favreau, but I'm just not expecting much for this sequel. >.<

EDIT: Which comic book females do I think Scarlett Johansson COULD play? These roles would be more acceptable in my eyes:

Grown-Up Emma Frost

OR Hawkgirl, Bionic Woman, Polaris, maybe Batgirl. (But not Barbara Gordon's Batgirl, that's Rachel McAdams.) And uh, *ahem* DC's Dumb Bunny. Hey, I'm not typecasting...
2 Yes
5 No
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