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Man has weightloss surgery, worried about losing virginity.

He shouldn't be worried about being formerly obese. He should worry about his class of epic nerdiness. Jusssayin.
This young man on TLC's "650-LB Virgin" had weightloss surgery after being morbidly obese.

The show chronicles his cosmetic procedures to rid himself of the loose skin around his "areas," as well as his journey through SPEED DATING, and learning pick-up lines. :/

He tells his therapist/doctor/whatever type of consultant she is, that he feels that he has come far, and compared himself to Luke Skywalker. But that he has yet to become a master Jedi, and that is his goal.

I lol'd at this. I admit it. The first thing I thought of was, "This guy used to be 650 lbs, and is nervous about losing his virginity? And he still talks like THAT?!" Maybe this guy should be thinking along the lines of... not being a nerd?

Don't get me wrong. I love nerds. I do. I date them. I am one. I love it. Power to the people.

But when it comes to uh, sexual relations... well... This kid doesn't need yet another barrier.

And while going over "how to talk to girls," he was conversating with his (female) doctor, and got really nervous, exclaiming "I know it's only role-playing, but... blah blah blah..."
I don't remember the rest of what he said, because his use of "role-playing" made me chortle, and I got distracted at the epic-ness.

And now he's out at the bars, trying to get chicks' numbers, using the skills he learned from his "flirting class." (Their words, not mine.)
Oh, another fine choice of words, TLC? "Smooth move into sealing the deal and scoring the number."

There is so much more to this show, there is. But it's so ridiculous.

I just sit here, with my eyebrows SKY HIGH, and a huge smirk pasted on my face.

And you know what? He scored a date. Awesome. If TLC actually shows him like, getting laid, or the awkward giggly stuff afterwards, I'll puke.

The one thing about being a girl, is you have to put up with every other girl's low self-esteem. I can't possibly bear to watch a man go down that road too...

Or can I?

I didn't ask for this, but now that I'm watching it, I can't turn away.
TLC you know exactly the twisted crap your viewers WANT!!!
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Jessica Rowley
TLC's "650-LB Virgin"

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