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Personal Survival Kit

There are three types of survival kits the serious survivalist needs to have: 1. One he carries with him (personal), 2. One for the car, and 3. One for the home. This article will explore the personal kit only...
The personal survival kit should be carried on your person at all times. There are two types: 1. The kind you pack and wear on your belt, or 2. The kind you have spread throughout your pockets. If you are worried about losing it, not packing it, or leaving it somewhere, get yourself a fishing vest with lots of pockets, pack it full with these items and wear it when you go hiking, camping, etc.

#1. A good quality knife or multi-tool. I like a fixed blade knife that attaches to my belt.
#2. *A compass
#3. *Waterproof matches and/or a lighter
#4. *Small signalling mirror
#5. Fishing line, hooks and sinkers
#6. Bandaids
#7. Small roll of duct tape
#8. 2 industrial size garbage bags (for poncho and shelter).
#9. Energy bars and bouillon cubes.
#10. Small tin container or aluminum foil cookware that can be folded flat.
#11. Chapstick
#12. Insect repellant
#13. Needles and thread
#14. Small flashlight
#15. Water bottle or canteen
#16. Water purifying tablets

*CLICK HERE for a 5-in-one whistle/compass/match case/signalling mirror/striker. A good way to consolidate several items and wear them around your neck.
2 Yes
1 No

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