BioShock to the BigScreen

Fans of the 2007 smash video game hit BioShock will be pleased to hear the latest news from Joystiq.
According to, they’ve got information from a “reliable source” that a major studio is looking to turn the game in to a big screen flick! Apparently, the studio hopes to bring the video game to life using extensive green screen technology.

Now being a World of Warcraft player – when oh when is that movie coming? – I haven’t had a lot of chance to look at any of the other games. But in my soul of souls, I am a huge fan of anything that makes it from the video game to the big screen (I loved Hitman!).

At the moment, it looks as if the development is nothing more than preliminary, and things may never eventuate. But in this day and age of the geeks gaining more and more popularity – at least with people who want to sell us stuff, if not the playgrounds – I’d give this a 50/50 chance of happening.
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