Craigslist for WARCRAFT

You’ve probably all heard of Craigslist, the online classifieds website spread across the world. Well, now we’ve got Warcraftlist. Heaven preserve us!
That’s right; the online classifieds for Warcraft are upon us with Warcraftlist, and if you’ve ever wondered just how many servers there are, this’ll explain. So far it doesn’t look very populated, but no doubt that will change eventually. (My own Aman’Thul hasn’t got anything in it.)

The simple idea behind Craigslist was to provide people with a space online to look for what they needed. The same can be said of Warcraftlist, with options divided by faction and with the normal “Looking For” categories such as guild recruitment, items for sale, professions offered and events recruiting.

No doubt this will eventually be a second place for people to look for that rare gem they need, but to my eyes, I can’t see it beating the in-game /yell’s for money or the LFG system. Check it out via the source link below; you may just regret it!
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